Advertising software

One of the most common types of malware is adware. The programs automatically deliver advertisements to the host computers. Among the varieties of Adware are pop-up advertisements on web pages and ads that are part of “free” software. Some advertising programs are relatively harmless, while others use tracking tools to collect information about your location or site visit history and display targeted ads on your computer screen. BetaNews reported the discovery of a new type of adware that can disable antivirus protection. Since Adware is installed with the user’s consent, such programs cannot be called malicious: they are usually identified as “potentially unwanted programs”.

  1. Spyware

Spyware does what its name suggests – it monitors your actions on the computer. It collects information (for example, registers keystrokes on your computer keyboard, tracks which sites you visit and even intercepts your registration data), which is then sent to third parties, usually cybercriminals. It can also change certain security settings on your computer or interfere with network connections. According to TechEye, new types of spyware allow attackers to monitor user behavior (naturally, without their consent) on different devices.